15-Inch MacBook Air Expected to Feature Two M2 Variants, Excludes M2 Pro Option

Renowned industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has put forth new predictions on April 20, 2023, implying the next generation MacBook Air, boasting a 15-inch screen, could offer two options with the M2 chipset.

Despite the COVID-19-related global semiconductor crisis, Kuo predicts that Apple’s cutting-edge laptop, MacBook Air, could be offered with two variations of the M2 chip. This speculation has stirred excitement among Apple enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for more versatile choices.

This prospect comes following previous news of the MacBook Air lineup potentially expanding its screen size offering from the typical 13.3-inch display to a larger 15-inch variant. Though this proposition hasn’t been officially confirmed, Kuo’s track record with Apple product forecasts is quite remarkable, which has led to widespread anticipation among the tech community.

However, if Apple plans to roll out these upgrades, Kuo anticipates that the new 15-inch MacBook Air won’t be available until sometime in 2023. His report didn’t provide any specifics on the differences between the two M2 chip options, but it does hint at the possibility of different performance or power efficiency levels.

While the details on what these two M2 options would entail are scant, the suggestion itself signals Apple’s intentions to offer more personalized experiences to its users. Providing two distinct chipset options could mean a range of things, from differences in processing power, speed, battery life, or even price.

Ming-Chi Kuo is highly respected for his insightful predictions about Apple’s products and strategies, with a track record of being right on the money. While his predictions are not official announcements, they often shed light on Apple’s potential future moves. The tech world is eagerly awaiting further news from Apple regarding these anticipated changes.

To recap, while we don’t have all the specifics just yet, we can confidently anticipate Apple potentially offering two versions of the M2 chip in the upcoming 15-inch MacBook Air, based on Kuo’s forecasts. If true, these new MacBook Air versions promise a more customized and potentially powerful computing experience. However, the specifics, including the potential differences between the two chips and the official release date, remain eagerly awaited.


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