A Korean Online Giant Led A $34 Million USD Funding Round For Web3 Start-Up Iskra

Iskra’s blockchain-powered Web3 gaming platform reimagines traditional game publishing paradigms, aligning the interests of game developers, gamers, and investors.

 On April 05, 2022, Iskra announced that it secured an investment of up to $34 million USD led by Krust Universe, an investment arm of Kakao, a Korean tech giant.

Krust is in charge of Kakao’s worldwide operations, with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology like blockchain and artificial intelligence. In the blockchain industry, they are collaborating closely with the Klaytn Foundation, with the goal of proactively and methodically expanding the Klaytn ecosystem.

Along with Krust Universe, the list of investors read like the who’s who of the tech and gaming industry; WeMade, MetaBora, Neowiz, NHN Bigfoot, Fast Ventures, Liberty Investment, and Kakao Ventures. 

The above investors invest in early-stage tech-enabled businesses, issue solvers, and advise on how to scale up the website’s growth, thus we can conclude Iskra is in excellent hands.

Iskra aims to deploy the game fund to launch next-generation Web3 games. 

“We believe Iskra is pioneering the way to become the next-generation blockchain gaming publishing platform with unique features for game developers, users and other participants. We chose to invest in Iskra because we identify strong synergy between their ecosystem and ours. Together, we will take the blockchain and Web3 gaming industry to the next level.” Henry Chang, CEO of WeMade

Leading this round, Junghoon Kim, Chief Investment Officer at Krust Universe explained, “Iskra is a seasoned team that can combine the best of blockchain and games. During our incubation, the team successfully built a model that incentivizes various stakeholders in the community.” The company further added, “Iskra is well aligned with the 2.0 strategy of Klaytn, a Krust portfolio, in which Klaytn becomes a blockchain of choice for gamefi and metaverse.”

“We are excited that Krust, WeMade, and the rest of our investors trust my team and I to execute on our vision of a community-forward system that aligns interests by rewarding its stakeholders based on participation, while integrating sustainable tokenomic solutions for game developers to the platform. This investment will not only bring capital, but also their domain expertise and network to help expand the reach of Iskra’s platform,” commented Eugene Lee, CEO/Founder of Iskra.


Iskra is a premier destination for players, developers, and investors to discover the excitement and opportunities of Web 3 gaming in the company of a thriving community.  Iskra is a relatively new startup that appears to have sprung out of nowhere to receive significant funding from well-known corporations, including publicly traded corporations.

When it comes to Web3 gaming platforms, Iskra appears to have started Asia’s regional answer to Gala and Forte.   If you look at the global landscape today, Gala and Forte started in North America, with Iskra looking to be a significant player in Asia.

By building a forward-thinking dedicated home for Web3 gaming and giving every user a stake in their success, Iskra hopes to be more than simply a part of the Web3 future. It will be the foremost blockchain gaming platform, collaborating with our whole community to create new gaming options. For everybody who enjoys gaming, Iskra is a site developed with seamless blockchain integration.

Iskra is the Future of Play.  Some of Korea’s largest technology and game businesses have invested in the company. Iskra’s community-forward approach matches the community’s interests by paying stakeholders based on their involvement, while also including long-term tokenomic solutions for game creators that join its platform.

By combining fun, sustainability, and the newest in blockchain technology, the company hopes to bridge the gap in web3 adoption between early adopters and the general public.

Krust: Krust is a business incubator that helps entrepreneurs create the next generation of ground-breaking digital solutions. We hope to contribute to humanity’s innovation by facilitating their growth and promoting their worldwide expansion.

We made:  WeMade Games is committed to providing players with a diverse selection of fun, high-quality PC and mobile games. WeMade Entertainment Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ: 112040) is a worldwide game developer and publisher that has developed from a small group of dedicated game pioneers to a group of over 1,000 game enthusiasts since its founding in 2000.

PR/Media Contact

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Company Headquarters: 

Iskra Pte. Ltd., 

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For more information visit > Official Website: https://www.iskra.world/

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