What Is Ankha Zone & Where To Watch Its Original Video In 2022?

Ankha Zone

Social media trends change constantly, but only a handful of them last for more than a few weeks or months. Ankha Zone is one such trend. Although it has been several months since Ankha Zone was featured in the TikTok trend, there are still tons of people who talk about this trend.

Many people heard about Ankha Zone but did not see the video. Are you curious about the Ankha Zone trend? Continue reading if you don’t know the answer and want to find out why it is so popular on social media.

What is Ankha Zone?

Ankha Zone

Ankha Zone is a trend that features a video of an Animal Crossing Character Ankha moving to music by Zone. This trend was liked and shared by millions before it was removed from TikTok or YouTube due to violating their guidelines.

Although Ankha’s video might have been removed from YouTube, it was a huge help to the artist in gaining tons of fans on Twitter and Twitch.

Like other trends, Ankha Zone was a huge success. People started creating videos showing their reactions to it. You should now understand why Ankha Zone was named.

Why is Ankha Zone Trend So Popular?

Let me first give you an overview of Ankha before we jump straight to the main trend. Ankha is a character from the popular game “Animal Crossing”. The game’s players describe Ankha as a beautiful, snooty car that lives among the Islanders.

According to some reports, Ankha’s name is derived from the Egyptian word “Ankh”, which means life. She is a friendly, affectionate cat that gets excited when she meets other villagers. This adorable cat was born on September 22nd. Her Zodiac sign, Virgo, is hers.

Ankha Zone’s video is the reason it became so popular. It contains explicit content. Ankha was seen dancing to Egyptian music in the background. Many users posted the remix of the video on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook after the original YouTube video was removed.

Is Ankha Zone’s original video available on Vimeo?

People are now searching on other platforms for the Ankha Zone since it is no longer available via YouTube. Vimeo is the platform most searched for by fans. Vimeo has tons of videos uploaded from all over the globe so there is a chance that you’ll find Ankha Zone videos.

If the video contained explicit content, we would have linked to it here. You can watch it right now by searching for “Ankha Zone Vimeo” on your smartphone or computer.


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