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BAT Crypto: What is Basic Attention Token ? Brave Browser explained

BAT Crypto Basic Attention Token: During one of my browsing sessions, I clicked on a link and open a page, and boom ads were all over the place. I exited the page and tried again but I got the same result I had to load the page for a third time before it displayed, what I was looking for without ads all over the place now. I’ve heard people say that is a lucky number but I love the simplicity and as such, I would like a page to load immediately after I click on a link without being interrupted by relevant ads the thing is though ads have become a regular thing for the internet users and even when we set up specific ad blockers on our browser sometimes they fail to stop the ads.

It’s like there are ad blocker blockers now while most internet users think that ads only interrupt their browsing experience this isn’t exactly true ad pop-ups also cost you money statistics show that third-party trackers and ads consume up to 50 of your mobile data as you can tell.

By the way that the ads load first and then the content loads and not only that your phone’s battery life gets affected by up to 20 percent now you might be wondering what all of this has to do with a cryptocurrency token.

What is Brave Browser ? BAT Crypto

BAT Crypto

It is a privacy-first browser that actually has ad blockers built-in and a few other features that help keep your personal information private you should also note that it’s very fast up to three times faster than other web browsers and this is mostly because they have a built-in ad blocker that blocks a ton of requests to other domains and resources that you don’t need.

The blockchain advertising part the way that this works publishers of online content earn considerable revenue and advertisers get value for the money that they spend on ads just like how the old traditional ads work but these ads aren’t as overwhelming and they don’t follow users around the web 24 7. In fact, if you’re viewing any youtube video on the brave browser you won’t see youtube ads but I as a creator will still earn money because I’m signed up for the creator program and have claimed my account as a brave user you can actually select how many ads you want to see from 10 per hour all the way down to none.

How we can earn Money using Brave Browser?

By the way, the brave browser currently has more than 25 million monthly active users coupled with over a million verified publishers moving on though what is the basic attention token is the native utility token of the brave browser and the basic attention token is simply just an ethereal token.

Its purpose is to provide a better solution to digital advertising using a blockchain model see traditional advertising focuses on tracking users online data packaging it up and then selling it to the highest bidder in fact Facebook and google are widely known for this mostly because they have the most popular products that allow them to actually track their users.

For example, you may have experienced a situation when you visited and exited a particular website but then later you’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed and you see ads from the same company. This is the work of Facebook pixel an API installed on that website that you visited to save users data for future advertising purposes sometimes you even speak something and then you see an ad for it later hinting that our devices are probably listening to us, while this may be super helpful to brands trying to sell their product it is a serious privacy invasion and one of the many reasons why us senate has been slamming Facebook with sanctions Basic attention token developers, on the other hand, offer a different and user-focused approach to advertising.

instead, they measure attention on the browser itself by tracking users’ attention and engagement on active tabs in real-time. They don’t send it back to some centralized server this gives the browser an idea of which ads to show depending on time spent on specific content. I’ve been rambling about this for a minute but to sum up, the utility of the basic attention token in a single sentence bat is a token that advertisers pay for attention.

How Basic Attention Token actually work ?

It runs in hand with the ethereum blockchain and the brave web browser to facilitate transactions between readers content creators and advertisers in fact the token brings these parties together for a number of reasons when content creators like me publish a post on their website or post a youtube video like this one advertiser offers a certain number of basic attention tokens for ad space on that content after which they will reach an agreement based on the attention score obtained by measuring users engagement though this gets a little more technical and it’s out of the scope of this video. But, it basically means the ads are more tailored to the users and to give the advertisers the best bang for their buck. This not only ensures that brave users see well-tailored ads but it also improves the speed privacy and security of the browser.

However, you can choose to view ads and earn basic attention tokens through the brave rewards program to put this in one sentence. If you select to view ads you earn tokens some members earn up to a hundred dollars a month just by doing what they do on chrome anyways with this model users only view ads that tickle their fancy and they get paid for it and advertisers only show ads to interested customers this creates a win-win situation as users do not get bugged by irrelevant ads third-party trackers or malware and advertisers save cost as they get billed only when interested users click on their ads moving on a distinguishing benefit of using basic attention token.

What is the benifits of Basic Attention Token ?

The benefits potentials of investing in the basic attention token and this are where I’ll answer them the token currently trades around 70 cents and has a market cap of over 1 billion dollars. The project first launched in May of 2017 throughout ico where one ethereum could buy you 6 400 basic attention tokens at the time this meant around 7.8 million dollars worth of ethereum bought 1 billion basic attention tokens another 200 million went to the development fund and 300 million tokens went to the user growth pool is basically advertising funds to get users to download and actually use the brave software also basic attention token isn’t inflationary there is a capped supply so as the demand increases so should the price.

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