CoinSwitch, ZigWheels Ink Pact To Create Awareness About Cryptocurrency

CoinSwitch provide an end-to-end digital solution.

New Delhi:

ZigWheels, India’s leading digital auto community for car and bike owners and enthusiasts, and CoinSwitch, India’s leading and most trusted crypto exchange app, have joined hands to create awareness about cryptocurrency.

To create awareness and bust the myths around trading in cryptocurrency, both ZigWheels and CoinSwitch have come together to create an immersive destination on dubbed “CoinSwitch Hub”. This Hub provides all the auto enthusiasts, a unique opportunity to understand the crypto world in the best and simplest manner and how CoinSwitch can help this auto community make safe and informed decisions about investing in cryptocurrency.

Being a top auto community, ZigWheels has an elite audience, a wide variety of content, and social media platforms to spread awareness and educate the market. By using its various social media accounts, ZigWheels is convening constructive facts about crypto.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency secured by cryptography; Indians have started taking interest in this currency but due to misconceptions about crypto, investors are unaware of its potential. The global cryptocurrency market cap is $1.76 trillion currently and it’s rapidly growing every day. Giants like Uber, Twitter & Google are also considering accepting crypto as money in future.

Exchange Platforms like CoinSwitch provide an end-to-end digital solution. On, multiple sections have been created on the CoinSwitch Hub to help users understand the crypto world better by consuming videos and the latest articles on cryptocurrency from experts. In the last 2 months, the CoinSwitch hub has engaged with 1M users with 10000 app installations for CoinSwitch.

Mayukh Bardhan, Digital Marketing & Brand partnership, CoinSwitch said, “The value of Cryptocurrency has risen exponentially in a few years. The vision of the partnership between ZigWheels and CoinSwitch is to make cryptocurrency knowledge easier and simpler for the users and to help them comprehend the investment process. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership in the long run.”

Gagan Tahiliani, Vice President, CarDekho said, “One of the common issues with crypto trading is the misinformation around the subject. ZigWheels has joined hands with CoinSwitch to develop an educational content hub for its auto enthusiasts. ZigWheels is one of the oldest and most trusted destinations for auto lovers and in the initial phase itself, we are witnessing significant traction and engagement on this hub.”

(Disclaimer: Coinswitch is an advertiser on the NDTV Network)

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