How to Block Adult Content on Snapchat?

Social Media comes with unnecessary evil.  That is the freedom to access everything and everyone at once. Teenagers start to know the social media world without knowing the side effect of its use. Social Media is filled with virtual people. And no one knows what’s the reality behind the people. Unfortunately, teenage get caught in online scams and online abuse.

The number of crimes is increasing rapidly. And the security and privacy Snapchat provides is insane. Chat disappearing options and the Snap Sharing option gives the freedom to open up to strangers. But at the same time, these features also allow criminals to creep in and harass people. Some of the major crimes are bullying, sexting, and exploitation.

All these must be controlled. Even parent wants to have control over their kid’s activity. We are going to discuss what are some ways to control Snapchat activities. You will know about “How to block adult content on Snapchat ?” Learn more about the features Snapchat offers you to block adult content. Without wasting your time, let’s get into it!

Can we block adult content on Snapchat?

No, there is no direct option to block adult content. Till now, Snapchat hasn’t introduced any possibility to restrict adult content. Anyone claiming to control Snapchat content is lying. No one owns the Snaps someone is sending, nor can we block the frequent people from connecting. Nothing is available like these.

Although Snapchat released features like  Family Centre Control. The feature helps you control a few aspects of Snapchat. But you can’t control all Snapchat activities. We will discuss family Center Control’s key features in the next few sections.

Apart from Family Center Update. A few settings and unsubscribing methods can help you control the content Snapchat will show you. Firstly, we will suggest how to Unsubscribe from inappropriate channels. Then we will see how to hide content from Discover features. Both methods come under Parental control.

Let’s get into it!

How to “Unsubscribe” adult content from Discover.”

The best restriction is blocking or limiting the channels that post adult content. The Discover section suggests inappropriate content.  Blocking adult content is the best way to avoid it. Want to know what to do?

Follow the below steps to “Unsubscribe” channels:

Step 1: Open Snapchat and Swipe left.

Step 2:  Find the channel that you want to unsubscribe from. You have to select which channel you wish to unsubscribe from. Because unsubscribing to the right channels will give you better results.

Step 3: Now, tap on the “Subscriptions: option. Tap on the story of the selected channel.

Step 4: A drop Down Menu will appear. There you will see the option to “unsubscribe.”

Through this method, you can control some activities. Subscribe to educational, informational, and Technology Channels. Adding other channels will help you eliminate the Adult and unnecessary content.

How to hide content from the discover section?

If you don’t want to unsubscribe from the channel, you can hide the content from appearing in your feed. Yes, the hide option is also available. Hiding content is simple as unsubscribing. You have to follow all the same steps as of above ones.

But after visiting the Subscription option, you have to look for the “For You” section. There you will find the option to hide content. The option will appear something like this “Hide [ Name}.” You have to enter the name. Snapchat will hide all the content from that channel.

You can use these two simple tricks to ensure your kid is restricted from adult content. Make sure some educational and entertaining, content is already subscribed.

What is Snapchat Family Center?

Snapchat Family Center is a new feature released by Snapchat to control the activities of Snapchat. This works as a parental control option. The reason behind such features is to prevent the increasing abuse and crime.

One of the critical features of Family Center is children below 13-18 are not allowed. For now, only some minor changes have been added. There are no advanced privacy features like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Whatsapp. For now, you can consider a family center with basic features. Within the next few years, Snapchat will improve its services, and you will have more control over adult content.

How to access Family Center?

To access Family Center, you must turn on the family Center from a privacy setting. It’s simple; you must visit the privacy and get the “Family Center” option. Visit the center, explore all the possibilities, and learn more about what works best. Find how you can use settings options to control your kid’s activity.


As we can see, Snapchat control options are not advanced, but there is an increase in awareness. The team is working to provide the best solution to restrict adult content. For now, use hide and unsubscribe options to manage the feed. And for insights like what your kid is chatting about, go for the Family Center. You will have several options that will let you access certain things. As we already clarified, there is no direct option for control.

We hope by now you have all the details related to how to manage the feed and the adult content. If you found the blog helpful, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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