How to stop Android phone screen from turning off automatically

How to stop Android phone screen from turning off automatically

Android is the biggest operating system in the world. As per the current data points, around 71.86% of mobile users in the whole world use the Android operating system, while the second highest number is for apple.

Android is the open-source software that is used by most mobile manufacturers around the world. In the last few years, the standard has been. Mobile manufacturers around the world are going to the Android operating system because of its popularity.

Still, a lot of people who have just started using Android or those who are not comfortable using deep functions find it very hard to make any change in the operating system.

Every mobile phone in the world, including Android, has a feature where that will automatically turn off your Android phone screen after some minutes or seconds, depending on the settings.

For security purposes, it is the best thing because it can automatically turn off your screen and lock the device after fixed timing, but it can be a headache for those who don’t want to use that function.

That is why today, we are here to discuss how to stop Android phone screens from turning off automatically.

How to stop Android phone screen from turning off automatically

Steps to stop Android phone screen from turning off automatically

Let’s first discuss the main query that day which is how you can stop the Android screen from turning off automatically. If you are also looking for the same, then you can use the below-given steps.

Most mobile manufacturers around the world make some sort of adjustment to make their version of Android look more impressive than their competitors.

That is why the names of the steps can be a little different, so you have to use your own logic.

Apart from that, there are two different ways you can access that setting. First of all, we will take a look at the step-by-step process in case you are not able to locate it using the search method.

Step-by-step process

  • First of all, you have to open the settings of your Android phone.
  • You can easily locate the settings app in the taskbar or the app drawer of your Android phone.
  • Once you have located the settings app, kindly click on the settings icon.
  • Now, you’ll have to scroll a little bit down in the settings and find a function named display.
  • As soon as you locate the display function, kindly click on it and locate sleep or automatically turn it off.
  • Sleep or automatically turning off the button will also contain some sort of timing. That timing can be in seconds, minutes, or never.
  • As soon as you locate that function, kindly click on it. It will open a new pop, Containing numbers between 5 seconds to all the way never.

For security purposes, most mobile manufacturers have removed the never function. Usually, people get 30 minutes as a maximum time your Android display can stay on without playing any video or activity.

  • Here you can select the timing of your turn-off from 5 seconds to 30 minutes or never, depending on the mobile manufacturer.

Most cyber security experts around the world will suggest you go for two minute or one-minute setting as it is way safer than going 30 minutes or never.

By search

Using the search function can also allow you to locate the setting and change it according to your wish. It can be a little challenging as different manufacturers can name the function differently.

  • Similar to the above step-by-step process, first of all, you have to locate the settings app from your notification bar or app drawer.
  • Once you have opened your settings application, kindly look for a magnifying glass icon which might also be named search.
  • Don’t worry. That search button can also work if you do not have any Internet connection whatsoever.
  • Once you have located the magnifying glass or search icon, kindly click on that and enter sleep.
  • If you are not able to find the setting after entering sleep, then you can also try different variants such as turning off automatic, etc.

No matter which method you use, every time you look at the sleep setting, it is going to contain numbers between 5 seconds to all the way 30 minutes or never.

To be on the safer side, you can take a look at how much time it takes your mobile to turn off the display without doing any activity.

Benefits of turning off Android screen automatically

You might not realize it, but there are several benefits of automatically turning off your Android phone screen.

Cyber security experts around the world will suggest you always turn off your Android phone screen or any phone screen as it has several benefits.

People who are never using 30 minutes to turn off the full Android screen automatically without any activity are way more vulnerable to hacking and another sort of privacy risk as compared to any other person who uses 30 seconds or one-minute settings.

If you left your phone unlocked in your pocket or anywhere in the house, then you might be at risk of hacking and other privacy risks.

Turning your Android phone display on is among the biggest reasons for pocket dialing. Pocket dialing can jeopardize your privacy as you might be in some confidential meeting that can be live telecast to someone you don’t want to tell.

That is why cyber experts around the world suggest everyone use the setting and set their display to turn off after one or two minutes. It can reduce the risk of data leaks and pocket dialing.

What is the right timing for turning off the Android phone screen automatically?

Cyber experts around the world suggest everyone use a minute or two minutes setting, as it is easy to turn on your Android screen by just pressing one button or picking up your phone rather than jeopardizing your privacy and phone security.


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