How to Turn Off iMessage Syncing to my Mac?

If you are using Mac and have iCloud, you will also see that everything is synced with your Mac including iMessage. Now, for many people, messages are a personal thing, and don’t want to sync directly with the Mac. So, in that case, you might want to stop the sync. It becomes harder to stop the sync as there is no option to disable sync on Mac. Therefore, we will see how you can stop the sync of iMessages on your Mac.

If you were searching for, how do I stop iMessage syncing to my Mac, you have got your answer here; We will divide the post into three parts where we will see how you can disable the sync in the first part. The next part is yet another interesting alternative way to do so. The third part is where you can delete the messages after pausing the sync.

Let’s begin.

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Part 1: How to disable Messages in iCloud

The easy way to get rid of iMessage on your Mac is to disable them and get them all out at once. You can simply disable all the messages that are coming to your Mac.

Here are the steps you can follow if you want to do the same.

  • You can turn on your Macbook and open the messages app on your Mac.
  • Thereafter, you can click on the messages menu and head over to the Preferences tab.
  • Now, you will see various options there. You need to click on the iMessage tab.
  • Once you are there, you will see an option that says “Enable Messages in iCloud”.
  • You can simply disable that by unchecking the box next to it.
  • It will you to confirm whether you want to disable the device.
  • You can click on Disable this device and you are good to go.

After this, you can ask one of your friends to text you or you can also wait till you receive your new message.

This is the most preferred way you should use to sync or stop receiving messages from people.

Part 2: Alternate way using Sign out

You can also sign out from your iCloud. If you have logged in from someone else’s ID and want to get out of the ID. You can simply heat the sign-out button.

The steps are very much similar to the above-given steps. Instead of unchecking the mark, you will have to click on sign out and you are good to go. In this way, you will have successfully logged out from iCloud.

Please note that this will not only stop the iMessage but it will completely sign you out of the iCloud or Apple cloud. So, you should prefer this option only if you have logged in from someone else’s ID or you want to give your Mac to someone else.

Part 3: Deleting the old Messages

Now, you will still have a message on your Mac after you signed out of iCloud or you have simply disabled the messages. In some cases, the messages are still elf on the Mac.

So, you might want to get rid of that. Well, the easiest way to get rid of that is to sign out from your iCloud and then delete all the messages on your Mac.

Please note that we will recommend you first delete one useless message and see if it’s deleted from all the devices. You can go ahead only if it’s not deleted from all the devices. In this way, you will be safe.

It’s important to sign out before you press the delete button.

Alternatively, you can also use an app or software to delete all the messages that are left on your Mac. There are many tools like Clean My Mac, and Wondershare will have one, etc. that you can use to delete some selective things from your Mac.

So, you can also use the software. However, the preferred way would be to delete is by signing out and then deleting the messages.

Final Words

To summarize, this was all about how you can stop iMessage from syncing with Mac. You can do the same thing for all your Mac. For most people, you need to stop the sync. So, the first part is all you will need to do so. You can follow and your problem will be solved.


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