‘I’m attracted to people!’ The stars who have come out as LGBTQ+ in 2022

Strong and inspiring!

It’s only June and there have been several celebrities who have opened up to the public to reveal that they are part of the LGBTQ+ community. With inspiring and powerful messages, the following celebs have come out this year. Find out who they are!

Maria Thattil


Former Miss Australia Maria Thattil revealed in Australia’s ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ that she is bisexual. During a January 2022 episode, she told David Subritzky: “Growing up I always thought maybe a little bit bi-curious. And only ever dated straight people, but growing up I did have crushes on girls that I went to school with. Even as I got older I thought I can like, appreciate an attractive woman and I’ve always been curious about that. I’m like, is it just curiosity? Like, no, no, no – it’s not.”

Kat Dubrow


‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ star Heather Dubrow’s daughter Kat came out as lesbian this year, and spoke with People magazine about how the revelation went down at home, especially with her mother. Kat said: “She’s asked me trillions of questions that really show she cares. She’s asked me about my pronouns. It’s really easy to talk to her. It’s not like I have to build up courage if I have something to tell her.”

Sawyer Fredericks


‘The Voice’ star, who won season eight of the singing contest, came out as bisexual in a heartfelt Instagram post. In February 2022 he wrote: “Since I have not publicly said this in a post, I wanted say that I am bisexual. When I was younger I thought I was straight, because I was more attracted to women, and I didn’t know there were more options besides gay and straight. So I just assumed I was straight. I am privileged and have never been discriminated against for my sexuality or ashamed of it. I’m truly sorry for any of you who have been, and I hope it gets better. I’ll probably lose some fans over this post, but that’s fine with me.”

Ozzy Lusth


‘Survivor’ star Ozzy Lusth posted a very powerful message on his Twitter account as he came out as bisexual. He wrote in April: “And for my Republican Colleagues, and anyone else who matters, yeah, I’m Bisexual. Am I committing crimes?? If so come get me. Let us ALL live with dignity. Ask yourself if you support people, or the f***** dogma you’ve been fed.”

Janelle Monáe


This year singer Janelle Monáe, who has expressed support towards the LGBTQ+ community on several occasions, came out as non-binary during an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk’. They said: “I’m non-binary, so I just don’t see myself as a woman, solely. I feel all of my energy. I feel like God is so much bigger than the ‘he’ or the ‘she’. And if I am from God, I am everything. I am everything. But I will always, always stand with women. I will always stand with Black women. But I just see everything that I am. Beyond the binary.”

Jerrod Carmichael


Comedian Jerrod Carmichael came out as gay during his 2022 HBO stand-up special ‘Rothaniel’. He said: “I thought I’d never, ever come out. At many points I thought I’d rather die than confront the truth of that, to actually say it to people. Because I know it changes some people’s perceptions of me. I can’t control that.”


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