Rocket League (RL) Insider (April 2022): Everything You Need to Know

Rocket League Insider and RL Insider have caused quite a stir in the gaming community in 2021-2022. But confusion is a major cause of all that chaos as many people don’t know what it is and how it works. Today we’ll try to unravel the mysteries of Rocket League Insider.

RL Insider is a trading platform within the Rocket League. You can trade with other players or exchange items with friends. It is great for trading but it can lead to players trying too hard to make disproportionate deals.

rl insider

What does RL Insider do?

Rocket League manages the market by determining the asking price of items using keys. Different objects have different value based on rarity and drop. These key values will help players avoid scams and save them from falling for outrageous offers.

RL Insider keeps the prices for all Rocket League products up-to-date. Players can choose from Ps4, Xbox, or PC on the home page. After selecting an option, players can view all available prices and variations for each item. Because there are so many items to choose from, the search bar is very useful. You can search for items by name or type, rarity, or even crate.

All League Insider Trade Items

RL Insider allows players to trade by finding other players to trade with. This can be slow if players need to go through all the lists. The TradeFinder section is here to save the day. This section allows players to quickly search for and find other players.

Rocket League Insider: What is H and W?

It’s very simple. It is very simple. H stands for Have, which is the item that you offer other players. W stands for Want, which is the item that you request from other players. These are useful for finding players to trade with.

H and Ws can be used by players to search for players who match their criteria. Rocket League Insider, in conclusion, is a platform that brings together an enormous community under one trading platform.


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