Snapchat Story Games of 2022

Snapchat Story Games

We are going to see some of the best Snapchat story games you can play with your friends. Here, you will have to post something and your friends will reply to you with their moves.

You can modify these games to fit your idea.

1. Never Have I Ever

One of the very green games you can play is “Never have I ever”. The game is simple. You can ask pp[le whether they have ever done a particular thing or not.

2. I may seem, but I’m actually…

Yet another interesting game to see if people think what you think you are.

You can post examples like, “I may seem …., but I am actually …..”.

3. Habits Questions

You can start asking habits questions.

For example, will you like Marvel or DC?

4. All about me

It’s an interesting game if you want people to know more about you and tell them what you love. It will get more responses if you have more close friends.

5. Crush

You can ask questions about the crush.

Here, you can go both ways. The first way is where you can ask questions regarding who is your crus and what are their characteristics. The next way is where you will ask questions about who is my crush. In simple words, the person who will reply to your story will guess your crush’s characteristics.

6. 15 Questions about you

Question games are very fun as you can change the questions as per your need. The first thing we will begin with is the 15 questions about you. This is where you have a list of 15 questions and the person who replies to your story will have to answer all of them.

7. I am not allowed to

If you are playing I am not allowed to, you need to ensure that the people who are on your list are either living in their parent’s house or are married. It will be more fun this way. The game is simple, you post a list of things and the person will tell you whether they are allowed to do that particular thing or not.

8. My Opinion on

If you love to write or you love to give your knowledge or opinion on something, you will love this game. This is where you will post a bunch of topics or you simply post a story saying ”My Opinion on” and leave it to the audience.

When the audience comes forward, they will ask you a topic or they will tell you a situation where you can show your situation to them.

9. ABC Questions

ABC Questions are great if people reply to your stories. You can post a bunch of questions starting from A to Z. It could be as simple as “Are you looking for a date?”, you can start a question from B by saying “Best friend name?”. Now, it’s up to you how you can figure out the questions.

10. This or That

One of the ultimate game that everyone love is this or that. You can give them two choices about something. It could be as simple as tea or coffee. The person will reply to the poll saying their favorite thing. This will tell you what the majority of your friends like and even they will know the same.

11. First Opinion About Me

This is a very interesting Snapchat story game you can play. You can simply ask the first option they had about you. This will tell you what vibes you give out.

12. Describe me

Describe me is a game where people will share something about you.  It’s great if your audience loves writing about you. It’s something very similar to the previous one. Here, you ask them what they feel about you now.

13. Habits Game

One of the best Snapchat story games. You can easily start with the habits game. It’s a game where you post a bunch of habits and ask people if they have the habit or not. You can use a simple game where you can post normal questions like “Do you procrastination?” or you can post a question about extremes habits like “Do you smoke?”’.

Final Words

To conclude, these are a few games you can play. You will surely come to know a lot more games from this. As these are the Snapchat story games where you can change a little bit and create your own game that you can play with your friends. So, feel free to modify it as per your ideas.


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