Top 6 Fastest way to make money on TikTok in 2022

Ever wondered how these influence make money? How they can afford the lavish lifestyle? What makes them so perfect? Influencers make a lot of money, but how?

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Don’t worry! We will guide you on how you can make money using social media platforms. Today we are going to explore TikTok. What are the methods to earn by making the 30-sec short video? We will discuss all the methods to make money using the TikTok account. Before that let’s have a look at what are the skill and steps require to be a TikTok creator.

There are many ways to make money using money. No matter which method you are going to use, one thing is going to be common here, that is followers. Before looking for the methods to earn, look for the methods to engage the audience and learn how to be creative all time. Learn to go with treands and be good at finding what your audience wants. So, here is a simple way to make money :

  • Create the account
  • Create the engaging content
  • Monitor insights–track, engage, and make a strategy.
  • Grow account.

If you are good at these four things, then no one can stop you from making money from TikTok. Even if you don’t have these skills, you can learn them. Without wasting time, let’s have a look at The Fastest way to make money on TikTok in 2022.

The Fastest way to make money on TikTok in 2022

1. Collaborate with Influencers

TikTok is a social media platform in which everyone wants to be famous. Everyone wants to increase their followers and have more reach. People give a lot of time to create content and put more effort into promoting the content—Collaborate with influencers with fewer followers. Ask for the advertising cost. Help them reach your audience. This will increase your followers and your reach. Collaboration is the best method to earn using TikTok. Collaboration is a mutual relationship between creators.

2. Sell your services and products

Selling online products and services is another popular method to earn money. Ever heard of an insta shop?

Yeah, selling the product on TikTok is the same as the Insta shop. TikTok will serve as a platform to advertise your products and services. When you will reach the right audience, then your product will start to sell. Earn by selling the products. Although this method seems hard but method has the potential to convert a small idea into a shop. If you are willing to manage the shop, then this could be your chance to excel in online business.  

3. Creator Fund

TikTok has an option known as Creator Fund. You will visit the option after tapping on the TikTiok Creator fund. Creator fund has certain requirements like you should have at least 10K followers and should have at least 100K video views. Content should be 100% original, then only you are eligible for the creator fund.

If you are the original creator and met all the criteria, then you can easily earn using TikTok. Creator Fund amount depends on your number of likes, comments, and shares. The amount is going to be visible in Creator Fund and after that, you will find the option to withdraw that money.

4. Sponsors and Brands

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Sponsors and Brands are the prime sources of the creators. Sponsors and brands want the publicity and reach if you these two, then brands will find you without any delay. The method is genuine, but for that first, you need to build a community and follower base. Have enough followers and popularity then advertise the sponsor’s product.

The simple step are to create an account, build trust and gain followers. Then approach brands for the Sponsorship. The income generated from this source is going to be huge. Big brands can pay you thousands of dollars for a single video or advertisement.

5. Grow and Sell TikTok Accounts

Concept behind the Grow and sell TikTok accounts is the same as the other ones, that is ,people want followers. They love likes, comments, and shares but the efforts required to grow the account is immense. The creator needs to be consistent, creative, and engaging. Growing competition is making it harder, so, if you are good at engaging an audience, than do it. Create an account, grow the audience and then sell the account.

Instead, you can also help them to grow followers. If someone wants to grow organically but doesn’t know how grow . Offer them your social media management services. Guide them and charge on a monthly basis. You can even manifest this as a full-time career. TikTok management can be your full-time career. Therefore, start pitching and help them grow the TikTok account. This is the most reliable method and Fastest way to make money on TikTok in 2022.

6. Livestream Donations

Gaming Livestream earns a lot from donations. If you ever visited any gaming channel, then look for the amount collected by the YouTubers. Gamers play the game and shout out to the people who donate. They interact with the audience directly. To make money using TikTok follows the same method. Go live, talk with your admirer, engage with them, and then ask for the donations or you can even try for the shout-out

Livestream Donations have no limits if you have real and engaging followers. People will blindly give you thousands of dollars just to support you. Here, the only thing which matters is followers and how much you can influence people. And the key to being successful in social media is to be real. Remember, Content is a king.


These are the The Fastest way to make money on TikTok in 2022 through which you make a lot of money. We mentioned multiple times that you should be consistent, shout out even if you reached your dream goal or income. Social Media trends change easily, so, stay updated with trends. Remember. always keep growing to sustain in social media.


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