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Web 3.0 And Evolution Of Internet? How Will It Help Differently-Abled Live Their Fantasy?

What Is Web 3.0? How Will It Change The World For Those With Disabilities?

Imagine a type of Internet that not just follows your commands but also interprets them and makes changes to throw up results that are best suited to your needs. Many call this new Internet evolution Web 3.0.

The Internet that we use currently, Web 2.0, has undoubtedly improved our lives in several ways, but it is yet to realise its true potential. 

Some compare this Internet to the automobile industry of the 20th century, which needs significant improvements. Web 3.0 is what they are looking at with hope.

It is expected to create a virtual environment where even those with physical disabilities can compete without assistance, creating a truly democratic world. 

What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 or web3 is the upcoming third generation of the Internet where websites and apps can process inputs like humans using tools such as Machine Learning Big Data, and blockchain technology. 

Web 3.0 proposes to use blockchain to store data in a more decentralised way rather than in a centralised repository as is the practice currently.

Many hope that Web 3.0 will wrest back Internet control from the Big Tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google. The data on Web3.0 will reside on blockchains, which means users themselves own the data.

How will it transform the Internet?

Today, a big question in everybody’s mind is whether it will create a fantasy world. Web 3.0 is still under development, so not much is known. But the most definite answer is: Web 3.0 is likely to ease the user experience considerably. 

The Metaverse will be critical to it. A person sitting in India could easily have a business meeting with a person sitting in the US in a virtual environment.

Will it help those who have a physical disability?

The Metaverse can transform the world around even those who are physically challenged, not just for businesses. 

Say a person with a physical disability cannot visit the office to attend a meeting, so they can log into the virtual environment and have the meetings there without needing to step out of their home. 

Differently-abled persons can even relive experiences they otherwise could not, like visiting places and participating in events. In a nutshell, Web 3.0 marks a departure from the status quo.

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