Replacement of Boris Johnson as U.K. prime minister

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday. He said he will stay on as prime minister while the party selects a new leader.

 Conservative Party won the last election in a landslide, the country won't necessarily have to head to the polls again. Instead, next week, 

Under the United Kingdom's parliamentary system, the winner of that Conservative Party contest will then become the new British prime minister.

Johnson himself emerged as the clear leader during a similar process in 2019, and already some of his longtime allies and opponents have expressed their interest .

Here are some of those who could — based on popularity, experience or expressions of interest — compete to become the next British prime minister in the weeks and months to come:

Since 2020, Sunak served as chancellor of the Exchequer — Britain's second most senior political office, overseeing the treasury —