Mr Happy Face: 17-Year-Old Chihuahua Mix From US Is ‘World's Ugliest Dog’

A 17-year-old Chihuahua mix from Arizona, the United States, has been named the ‘World's Ugliest Dog’, NDTV reported.

The event, which is held during the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California, has been going on for nearly 50 years.

The contest was held after a gap of two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Happy Face and its owner have been awarded $1,500 prize money and a trip to New York City after winning the contest.

The winner has tumours and neurological issues, requires a diaper, struggles to stand upright or walk and has a tilted head.

According to the description of the winner on the website of the event, the Chihuahua once lived in abusive and neglectful condition.

Yet, the dog reached the age of 17.

Mr Happy Face sports a natural Mohawk and makes a sound “like a Dodge Ram diesel truck” revving its engine when happy, according to the description online.

The winner's appearance completely blew the judges away. Out of the other contestants that Mr Happy Face defeated, one was a “hairless mutant” with no teeth, another that looked like “a hyena” and one with a “gorilla-like head”.

The website of the event also has a quote from owner of Mr Happy Face, Jeneda Benelly. She said that the dog was adopted by the family in August, 2021 from a shelter in Arizona.

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